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Metal Workings at Precious Goods

The scope of metal works includes the following processes:

1. Metal Castings:

We have own foundry facilities for making of casting steel, cast iron, ductile iron and stainless steel. We also have the partner foundries for making brass, bronze and aluminum castings. There are many casting processes, such as green sand, sodium silicate, furan and alkaline-phenolic processes, with both manual molding and automatic molding.

2. Machining:

Some parts are exported as raw castings, but some parts need to be machined. Machining processes include turning, milling, CNC machining, etc. After machining, some parts may require assembly to be finished products. Before shipping the parts to customers, we will provide finishing or painting as needed.

3. Heat Treating:
Most of casting products are heat treated. Heat treatment includes stress relieving, quenching and tempering, normalizing, annealing, carburizing, nitriding, and induction hardening. In house heat treating facilities include annealing, normalizing, tempering, stress relieving and induction hardening. For parts require special heat treating, such as carburizing, induction hardening, atmosheric quenching, etc., we do have professional heat treaters to support.

4. Fabrication Works:
Fabrication works mostly are made to order per customer's project. Fabrication works include forming, welding and painting. 

5. Other Services:

Not all works involve only casting, machining and/or heat treating. Many works need some special services, such as hard chrome plating, zinc plating, galvanizing, power coating, aluminum anodizing etc. Those services will be done by our associated partners at a reasonable cost with a well accepted quality.

Our competitive edges:

1. Our works can be started with a sample of product or a drawing.  

2. We can also provide some engineering modifications to suit customer needs for special products or new models.

3. Our production lead time is short.  

4. We are flexible for the production volume. We can work for a small volume, or for the first trial of products.

5. Our prices are competitve for the required quality.


Any other services besides the above can also be requested.

If you are interested in our works, please fill in the inquiry. We will contact you promptly.




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