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Heat Treating Services

After castings and/or machinings, many parts require heat treatment services. We can provide the heat treatment services to our customers at minimal costs. Heat treatment services include:

1. Annealing:
Slowly cool down in furnace to soften cast alloy steels before machining.

2. Normalizing:
Cooling in the air to increase impact strength and toughness, with low hardness. Some parts that could not be water quenched or oil quenched, can be harden with normalizing, e.g. martensitic stainless steels, high alloyed cast irons, Nihard, NiResist etc.

3. Quenching:
Usual way to get the hardness. Either water quenching or oil quenching is available, depending on type of alloys. Ductile cast irons and high alloyed steels are normally quenched in oil. While medium carbon steels can be quenched in water.

4. Induction Hardening:
With induction hardening, parts can be harden to have high hardness at the surfaces, while retain toughness inside. Examples of parts candidate for induction hardening are gears, sprocket wheels, shafts, links, etc.  

5. Surface Hardening:
Besides induction hardening, many parts can be surface harden by means of nitriding, carburizing and carbonitriding. Furnaces may be atmosphere controlled or vaccuum furnaces. Case depths vary upon hardening methods.  

6. Tempering:
After hardening, parts need to be tempered to increase its ductility and toughness. Internal stresses are also decreased with temper.



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